WPKeyed is a Wordpress based website design, development, setup, customization, and search engine optimization studio by me, Maliha.

I also teach WordPress to the ones who wish to take control of their website, from building, to maintaining, to actually working as a WordPress designer & developer. Check out the training programs to see if you'll be a good fit.


A completely custom designed and coded website, or a premade template setup, to match your aesthetics, needs, and attract the right audience to your business/blog.


Leave keyword research and Search Engine Optimization of your website and blog content to the pro! Analytics, Sitemaps, on and off-site SEO, neatly bundled together.


Keep hearing how awesome Pinterest is for your business, but not sure how to reap the maximum benefit? Allow me to set it up and/or manage it for you!

Prints &

Need a brand board, branded graphics for blog posts and social media, or printables (like checklists, workbooks, ebooks, etc.) designed? Get in touch!