Affiliate Disclosure

How the affiliate links work:

In this website, on certain pages, on the sidebar, and from time-to-time on blog posts, you will see a link that may look like this:

Some link [affiliate link]

What it means is this: it’s a link to a product I recommend, and if you purchase the product by clicking on this particular link, the vendor pays me a commission as a sign of gratitude for helping them sell their product(s).

To be sure, by using my affiliate link you are helping me make some money, but the money DOES NOT come out of your pocket. The commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket 100%.

Also, please note that I NEVER EVER recommend a product just to make some quick buck. Every single product or service I promote I personally use myself or have used previously. All affiliate links come with my heartfelt recommendation because I KNOW these are quality products and/or services.

For example, you will often see me promoting my preferred website/blog hosting company as shown below, and rest assured, this very website as well some of my other sites are hosted by the same company.

SiteGround [affiliate link]

Thank you for using my affiliate link. I very much appreciate you!


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