A blog post on 25 blogging tools for a beginner blogger that will make them crazy productive and drive insane traffic.

25 Blogging Tools for Beginners That Will Make You Crazy Productive

Ever wonder how some newbie bloggers start making money right away and get hundreds of subscribers in just a couple ...
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If you are just starting out with self-hosted WordPress, you must have heard how awesome WordPress plugins are. In this post, I give you ten such plugins that you absolutely need when you're just starting out.

10 FREE WordPress Plugins that Every New Site Absolutely Needs

So, you have decided to start your online journey with self-hosted WordPress, eh? And one of the reasons why you ...
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In this blog post I tell you ALL the SECRETS you will ever need to know about creating a catchy blog post title that gets your readers clicking and reading!

How to Write a Killer Title That Will Make Your Post Go Viral (Free Workbook Inside)

Let's talk about blog post titles, shall we? Now, can anyone tell me why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to ...
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A detailed tutorial on all things Opt-in Freebies. Inside, you'll find why you need an opt-in freebie, and how to create one, along with 2 free samples freebie templates created with Canva that you can edit as you wish!

Why and How to Create a Killer Opt-in Freebie (Free Editable Samples Inside)

I want to talk to you about opt-in freebies. Now, if you are wondering what they are and why you ...
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Pinterest, used the right way, can be your number one source of increased blog traffic, lead capture, and sales! Read this post to learn how to properly set up Pinterest, and use it for directing traffic to your website! #pinterest #blog

How to Effectively Use Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic (Free Workbook Inside)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know by now that one of the best ways to ...
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5 SEO practices you can diligently and consistently implement to your blog posts for generating and increasing organic traffic.

Increase Organic Traffic to your Blog with These 5 SEO Practices

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last blog post, I know, I know! But well, I've been busy, ...
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