25 Blogging Tools for Beginners That Will Make You Crazy Productive

Ever wonder how some newbie bloggers start making money right away and get hundreds of subscribers in just a couple of months?

No worries, we’ve all been there on the dazed side. After reading tons of blog posts by reputable bloggers such as Jon Morrow and Neil Patel and Pat Flynn, I have come to this conclusion…

To have a successful blog within a short period time that makes money, attracts traffic, and converts, one needs to utilize the right tools.

A blog post on 25 blogging tools for a beginner blogger that will make them crazy productive and drive insane traffic.

And now, I can almost hear you thinking… “Yeah… another blog post on blogging tools that I don’t have time/money for”.

See, that right there is the issue with most new bloggers. Time and/or money.

Most of the time you start a blog while juggling multiple things at a time. Maybe you have a full-time job, or maybe you are a full-time mom/dad with 5 kids to look after! Worse, BOTH! I think we can both agree that it’s hard to take blogging seriously when we have so many different things going on. But… let me just stop you for a second right there, and let you in on a secret:

The not too secret, secret of being a successful blogger who makes money off of blogging is this: Blogging requires more than just writing a post every few days. It’s hard work guys! How much time you dedicate to your blogging efforts will directly reflect how much you make off of your blog.

So, if you are screwing up your face at the title of this blog post, let me tell you something. These tools are there to make your life easy, and not the other way around. So, sit tight and continue reading, because, I am guaranteeing you that I have vetted these resources before I made this list for you. These are some of the cheapest (and a lot of these tools are actually free) yet most productive resources you, as a beginner blogger, can (and SHOULD) use.

That is IF you are serious about making money off of blogging! Continue reading “25 Blogging Tools for Beginners That Will Make You Crazy Productive”

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